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Whilst Notnotcamscott doesn’t love being the focus of digital content, he does love free surfboards . . . So when we asked him to help a design a new sled, the finless frother and artist dished up some extra ironic epicness.

We've come up a Limited Edition bunch of sleds from 6'0 through to 8'0 with Notnotcamscott approved Street Mods.

Available exclusively at Surf Culture Bondi, Sunburnt Mess Bondi or


6'0" X 20 5/8" X 3" (45L) - Mini Mal Template

6'6" X 20 2/3" X 2 3/4"(47L) - Funboard Template

7'0" X 21 7/8" X 3" (57L) - Mini Mal Template

7'6" X 21 5/8 X 3 1/8" (58L) - Funboard Template

8'0" X 22 5/8" X 3 3/8" (80L) - Mini Mal Template

 *Fins Included

Featuring the same construction as our Test Tube Boards (Parabolic rails+*ESM).

*Exoskeletal Strength Membrane

[street mods]

Notnotcamscott X Softlite Colab

Artist Statement

When digital popularity is prioritized over the quality of online content, clickbait is what we receive. Initially only a concern in relation to journalism and its fourth estate role, this phenomenon is developing into more of a mentality than a mere online annoyance. Clicks, likes, views and comments have become such a measure of success that the inherent value of content is becoming less important than its digital sprawl.

 Yet this perceptual shift is even more interesting when we consider its effects IRL. Clickbait's influence on our reality can be witnessed in the everyday dilemma of whether to simply experience something in real life or digitally document it for online adoration. If the number of phones held
high at every event are a gauge to go by, the latter is now becoming almost instinctual.

 Today, the power to publish is in everyone's hands. We don't just bite but continually bait each other. Forever fishing for clicks in an endless online ocean. There's nothing wrong with casting a line but maybe this work will make you ask why.



Board Features


We have created and refined our moulds in collaboration with our team riders an renowned surfboard shapers.


In this case, the perfect fin system for not putting fins in, but good to know you always have the option to!


More important than ever for Finless riding. Nice and rounded up front for spins and slides, and sharper near the tail to hold that rail.

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