Test Tube 6'0

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The Test Tube is a Deluxe Version of our top-selling Softlite Chop Stick series. It uses the same mould as the Chop Stick (Mini Mal Template), so is essentially quite similar, just with a couple of extra features squeezed in.

For the beginner riders, these boards paddle fast and are extremely stable making them ideal for learning on.

In saying that though, the boards are very versatile, and even a great addition to the quiver for the more experienced surfers. They are a great way to increase your wave count on the smaller days, and the bigger boards are big enough for traditional longboard style surfing and allow moves such as noserideing etc. If finless is your thing, the Test Tube is definitely the board of choice amongst our team riders, in particularly due to the Rolled Parabolic Rails feature. 


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