Softlite Softboards - Australia's #1 Soft Surfboard Brand

Softlite Softboards - Australia's #1 Soft Surfboard Brand

    30 products

    30 products

    Softlite Softboards - Australia's #1 Soft Surfboard Brand 

    Softlite is an Australian Brand, established in 2005. We produce high quality Softboards and Soft top surfboards, with a focus on quality, trust, performance, safety and fun.

    We've stayed true to our tagline "Surfing Shouldn't Be So Hard" and strived to make the best softboards to make learning to surf easy and accessible for everyone.

    We may be a bit biased, but we think they are the best softboards in Australia!

    Our boards are designed with all skill levels, and all ages in mind, with the aim of helping people catch more waves and surf more often. 

    They are the best softboard for kids or beginners to learn how to surf on as they have  generally have some extra volume, while still being very safe to use (soft fins, soft core).

    For adults or experienced surfers, they are also an ideal addition to the quiver as they allow you to have more fun on the smaller days, and surf when you normally wouldn't bother. You never regret it, right?

     We have a full range of softboard for Sale with multiple options available in all the most popular sizes (6ft, 7ft, 8ft).

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