Do fins come with the board?

Yes. All boards come with a set of Soft Fins suitable for learning/use between the flags. If you want to use hard fins, you will have to purchase them separately. 

Does the board come with a leash?

Leashes can be added separately as a package deal option at the checkout page!

Do I need to wax my board?

Yes, although they generally don't require as much wax as a fiberglass board. The boards can be a bit slippery when first taken out of their packaging, so a good wash-off with fresh water and a decent coat of wax will help. After this, just a light coating every few surfs,  where your chest and feet go will suffice. 

How do I install the fins in the fin boxes?

That's easy! You can just use the little fin key provided with the fins to unscrew a touch the little silver grub screws already present in the fin boxes (only 2 grub screws are needed per fin box) so they are not in the way (avoid taking the entire screw off the fin box as you might lose them due to their small size). Then push the fins into the fin box and screw them back in until they feel firmly in! (Be gentle and do not overtight them, you can damage the fin or the screw head and the fin key).

How do I install properly the leash in the leash plug?

You will just need to slip the little leggie string through the leash plug :


(keep the original knot on nice and tight so it does not come undone in the surf)

Just make sure that the leggie string is not too long and that it does not sit on the edge of the tail of your board otherwise it might ding into the foam over time.

What is the best size board for me?

Please see our size recommendations page.

  • Choose the highest volume board that you can realistically carry and comfortably control in the water. 
  • A longer mini-mal or longboard with a full round shape will provide the best platform for you to learn how to paddle around in the water, to get comfortable catching waves (and whitewater), and standing up on your surfboard.
  • Once you’ve mastered the basic wave catching skills, you can progress to other boards (short, long or in between) depending on your preference. Don’t be too impatient to progress before you’ve mastered the basics!

How do I repair my softboard?

Please see our board repair page. 

Any more questions?

Please send us an email with your request from our "contact us" page.

Thank you.

The Softlite Team.