Why Choose a Softlite?

Now you've been convinced to get a softboard, there's a few reasons why we think our boards are the best!

Best Shapes -  Each shape has created in collaboration through professional Surfers and Shapers. Not only this, but in each model we feel as if we have achieved the perfect mix of stability and performance making them ideal for all levels of surfer. It also means you wont be left with a useless board if you improve quickly!

Moulded Cores- The boards are constructed using exclusive Softlite Moulds. This ensures that every board comes out identical with no imperfections. It also creates a harder shell of EPS foam on the outside making Softlite boards stiffer and more durable than competitors who use similar cores.


 Teale Vanner - 8 Foot Chop Stick Photo: Nick Bannehr


No screws on deck - A recent Softlite innovation. No more kicking your toes on deck screws. Not only that,  it looks good (like a real surfboard) and makes it much easier to wax deck.


 5'9 Fish Stick - No Screws on Deck


Bones and Shanks Fin System - A huge innovation towards increasing Softboard performance levels. This system makes super quick and easy to install and remove fins. This fin system is also compatible with other fin two tab systems, allowing you to change your fins to suit conditions or alter board performance. Many riders take advantage of this by using harder fins as the improve or if they are more experienced.


 Nikki testing the "Bones and Shanks" Fin System. Photo: Kian Bourke-Steere


Bamboo Stringer System - Our own stringer system.  Bamboo Stringers are Re-enforced with fibreglass sheeting and epoxy resin to give the perfect amount of flex. This also helps to protect stringers from rotting and weakening. This is an extremely common issue in cheaper brands using wooden stringers! 

Colour Range - We pride ourselves on having the best range of colours on the market. Plenty of bright combos for summer, and also a few toned down ones for those who wish to fly under the radar!


A board there for everyone!