Choosing the Correct Size

Choosing the best Softlite Softboard for you!

Softboard Size Recommendations

It's always hard to give a recommended size, because there is so many factors to take into consideration. Below is a chart on our size recommendations for Beginner surfers. If you have had a bit of surf experience you may be able to go a bit shorter, and if your advanced, you should know exactly what you want !


Softboard Shapes

We produce 3 main Shapes;

Mal / Mini Mal (Chop Stick Range)

  • Available in 7'0, 7'6, 8'0 and 9'0
  • Ideal for Learning / Beginners
  • Wide all the way to the front so its nice and stable
  • Paddles fast so it extremely easy to catch waves early and get to you feet. 
  • Great for experienced riders to have fun on small days

Josh Ku cruising on the 8'0 Chop Stick. Photo Nick Bannehr

Short Boards (Pop Stick Range)

  • Available in 5'6, 6'0, 6'6 and 7'0
  • Ideal for intermediates / Young groms learning
  • Traditional Shortboard shape makes it easier for turns and steeper waves
  • Great for kids to learn on as they're not too wide
  • Good board for experienced riders to use between the flags etc

Darcy Crump riding the 6'0 Pop Stick in Samoa. Photo Nick Bannehr


Fish Shapes (Fish Stick Range)

  • Available in 5'9"
  • Ideal for more experienced surfers looking for a Summer Board
  • Higher widepoint allows for past paddling
  • Fish shape is ideal for better performance in low quality waves

5'9 Fish Stick - Ultimate Summer small-wave softboard