Hybrid Series

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9 products


We've been working on the Hybrid Series for a couple of years now, but it has finally come to life!

Like name suggests, we've combined the favourable elements from both a Performance Fibreglass Boards & an Entry Level Softboard to create a range of softboards with a a greater focus on Performance.

While the Glider Model is suitable for beginners, the boards in this range are tailored more towards the Intermediate - Advanced Surfers.

They are an ideal Summer "step-down" for an experienced surfer, or also perfect if you are progressing but not quite ready for a fibreglass board.

Hybrid Range

High Performance Fun

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Hybrid Construction Styles

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To compliment the construction style, we've created new shapes with a greater emphasis on Performance.

The CNC technology allows us to make make minute adjustments to all aspects of the template, which ultimately has delivered a higher quality product.

AKU Shape Technology also allows for the addition of bottom contours.


All Hybrid Models feature Futures Fin Boxes, with a set of Plastic Comp Fins Included with each board.

This ensures it is easy to install and remove fins, and is compatible with other Future Fins, allowing you to change your fins to suit conditions or alter board performance.

This also allows us to have a Deck without fin screws


We've also done our best to solve the #1 problem of softboards - the rails! The Hybrid Range features an updated version of our Parabolic Rolled Rail Technology.

These are then hand shaped, allowing softer rails near the nose tapering down to a sharp, harder edged rail at the tail. Similar to regular fibreglass surfboards, it allows if to be forgiving and not catch rails up front, but gives it a bit more bite making it easier to turn off the tail.