Test Tube Size Recommendations


Dimensions  Size Recomendations
Test Tube 6'0 6'0" X 20 5/8" X 3" (45L) Beginner Riders up to 40kg, Advanced Surfers up to 90kg
Test Tube 7'0 7'0" X 21 7/8" X 3" (57L) Beginner Riders up to 70kg, Advanced Surfers of all sizes
Test Tube 8'0 8'0" X 22 5/8" X 3 3/8" (80L) Beginner Riders up to 95kg, Advanced Surfers of all size


Sizing Tip - Its best to use your discretion here a little. Kids (they are often a bit more agile) or people with a bit of previous ocean experience are generally best suited to the higher end of the recommended weight scale. Adults or Complete learners are probably best suited towards the lower end of the weight scale.

For more info on sizes, check out our Size Recommendations page.