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    7 products

    Softlite Pop Stick

    The Pop Stick is a super versatile board based on a traditional surfboard shape and designed for all levels on surfing (size and skill level depending).

    It is the ideal board for someone who is looking to step down from a Mini Mal and start doing proper turns, or just the lazy, more experienced surfer who wants an extra bit of volume for the weaker Summer swells.

    While we usually push beginners into our Mini Mal template, we also feel the Pop Stick is the ideal choice for any grommets first board too!


    for the groms

    perfect step down


    summer sled

    for advanced riders

    Pop Stick Features

    New Template

    We'd best describe it a a user-friendly shape - easy to surf on but still rippable.

    We've given it a bit more curve, with the wide-point pushed forward a little bit. This ensures that you have plenty of volume under your chest, meaning you'll never be struggling for paddle power. A bit of extra volume up front also gives a little bit of extra stability and will help the board plane across fat or weaker sections of the wave. 

    The curved template has then been matched with flatter rocker to create a shape that maintains acceleration and drive out of the turns but can still turn sharply when required.

    Rails & Thickness

    Once again we've been mindful not to make the board too thick. We've thinned the board out overall, which is particularly noticeable through the rails. This makes the rails a bit easier to sink through turns and generally makes the board a bit more responsive. We feel that this has allowed us the perfect balance of manoeuvrability and stability.


    The Pop Stick also features a round tail, which is ideal for smaller waves.

    Generally, it feels a bit looser, but is nice and smooth, especially when transitioning between turns or in drawn out carves.

    The round tail adds an extra bit of surface area, this helps give a bit more stability on the back foot.

    Once again, we've reduced the thickness a little bit, increasing responsiveness, and also allowing the tail to have a bit more bite in hollower waves.


    We use Bamboo Stringers, re-enforced with fibreglass sheeting and epoxy resin to give the perfect amount of flex, and greatly decreasing the chance of snapped boards.


    Easy to install and remove fins. Compatible with other fin two tab systems, allowing you to change your fins to suit conditions or alter board performance.


    This ensures that every board comes out identical with no imperfections. It also creates a harder shell of EPS foam on the outside making Softlite boards stiffer and more durable than competitors who use similar cores.

    From our customers


    My 14 year old son learnt to ride a fibreglass short board when he was 9. He then had a few years of not riding. When he decided to get back on the board he struggled to catch waves. He was heavier than 5 years ago and his board just wasn't right for him despite the size still being fine. Reluctantly it was recommended that he try a soft top board due to its increased buoyancy, ease of ride (and reduced potential harm if it hit him), and ease of manoeverability. I was reluctant, as was he. "They aren't cool...I want a hard board so I can do tricks..." These were his initial comments. After researching many soft top "Foamies" he and I agreed that he would give one a go. We bought the 7" board. The colours helped get him across the line. Once he got in the water he caught many, many waves with ease. He also noticed how many people, young and older ride these boards. All of a sudden it was cool - he was cool and he was catching every wave. His surfing has improved dramatically, I'm a lot calmer on the beach watching him, and he is loving being on the board again. These boards are great. I highly recommend them. I have a very happy son who wants to be out in the water every second he gets and the improvement in his ability has a lot to do with the confidence he has gained from his Softlite Board. It was a great choice...

    (Pop Stick 7'0)

    Bought a 6’0 pop stick “for the Mrs to learn on” and have ridden it flat out. For too long I paddle-battled with the groms on a board that barely floated me because I thought I was gonna punch skitz airs and do mental window wiper floaters - now I sneak out behind the grovellers and paddle on to waves with ease, chuckling as I glide past the thrashing plebs who just blew a grand on a shiny DHD that’s gonna snap on the next duck dive.

    Long story short, get a pop stick, you’ll still get good waves that won’t feel wasted!

    Massive Legend
    (Pop Stick 6'0)