Softlite Board Bag

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Softlite Softboard Bag

  • Designed to accommodate Softboards up to specified size with fins attached (wider and thicker than the average board cover)
  • High Density 5mm padding for impact protection
  • Tear resistant Heavy duty nylon construction
  • Padded shoulder pad plus handle to aid with travel
  • Marine grade zippers for strength and durability
  • Comes with an inner fins+wax velcro pocket storage
  • Available in 6'0 or 7'0 or 8'0 sizes 
  • Width of 6'0 is 62cm, 7'0 is 66cm and 8'0 is 67cm 

*Please kindly note that an essential aspect of our surfboard bag covers that contributes to their versatility and functionality. Our commitment to offering affordable, quality solutions means that we produce a limited range of bag sizes to accommodate various board lengths. When selecting a surfboard bag cover, please note that there is a deliberate allowance for extra room in the design. This intentional extra space ensures that the bag can accommodate a range of board sizes and shapes, providing versatility for our diverse customer base. While this may result in some bags appearing larger than the specific board size ordered, it is a design feature aimed at offering convenience and flexibility.

Benefits of Our Versatile Surfboard Bag Covers:

  • Accommodates Fins: Our design allows for the secure storage of boards with fins, providing comprehensive protection.

  • Additional Storage: The extra room caters to the storage of essentials such as towels, wetsuits, and other beach accessories, enhancing the bag's overall utility.

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