Mullet Bitten Biscuit 5'4

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5'4" x 21 1/4" x 2 7/16"  

34 Litres

While its not a true "Softlite", the Bitten Biscuit comes from our subsidiary brand Mullet Boards. This is a brand full of unique shapes we designed to appeal to the more advanced surfer, but is equally suitable for kids to learn on. It features all the same materials and technology as our Softlite Models. 

The Bitten Biscuit - A new take on an old favourite. 

The Biscuit has always been one of our top sellers, but some of the team riders found that with the Quad Fin Set Up & wide tail block the couldn't surf it top to bottom as hard as they wanted to when required.

So, we broke it down to a thruster to make it looser in the pocket, and added flyers to the tail so you can adjust from longer drawn out carves or tighter hooks depending on how far back you set your rail.

A great all rounder suited to thrashing average waves and chest-width that would float a polar bear, so should be sweet for anyone up to about 90kg!

Core: Moulded Fusion X (EPS)
Deck: 10lb PE
Slick: Xtra Duralinx
Tail: Double Bat
Stringer: 2 X Fibreglass Reinforced Bamboo Stringers
Fins:  Thruster Soft Fins Provided

 *Leg rope is not included


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